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Amanda Bond – The StrADegy System

Amanda Bond – The StrADegy System
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Explode Your Audience.
Automate Your Results.
The StrADegy System is the supreme course for business owners who wish to produce scalable, foreseeable income with Facebook advertisements.

Inside the program, we’re integrating fundamental sales psychology with top-level Facebook wizardry . and amping all of it up with responsibility, professional assistance, and live gain access to.

When you sign up with The StrADegy System, you get immediate access to .

My signature procedure for producing Facebook advertisements that produce leads and sales on auto-pilot.
The precise system me and my customers utilize to run advertisements for 7-figure services, 6-figure launches, and 5-figure programs . and I’m handing all of it over to you.
Tech trainings, metrics calculators, detailed SOPs, and hands-on assistance- and the self-confidence that this system is going to work over and over once again

Here’s how it breaks down .

In simply 3 months, we’re going to turn your Facebook advertisements into a selling maker. A device that closes sales, creates leads, and explodes your audience . on auto-pilot.
The StrADegy System

Your technique to paid advertisements requires a reboot. We’re kicking off this celebration with a deep-dive into the basics of The StrADegy System. Find out why your hit-it-and-quit-it advertisements aren’t working and how vibrant advertisement series will enhance your audience, your deals, and your income. Essential: find out how to prevent typical advertisement obstructions, loan frame of mind pits, and glossy items (like unicorn $0.50leads).
The StrADegy System

This is the meat-and-potatoes of this program, where you’ll find out how to determine the metrics that truly matter (tip: they’re not what you believe they are), how to produce a start-to-finish consumer journey (this has to do with wayyyyyy more than lead gen), how to carry out the ish out of your funnel (while losing no time), and how to determine your outcomes (with real-time, data-driven feedback from the Facebook gods).
The StrADegy System

Once you’ve executed your very first project? Due to the fact that you’ve lastly broken the code to the Facebook ATM, an entire brand-new world opens up .. Now it’s time to mastermind with other trainees inside the personal support system, scale up your projects without blinking an eye, and perhaps even get to deal with that 2nd funnel. Sky’s the limitation, infant.

Milestone Zero:

The Foundations Phase- ditch the advertisements method lay the foundation and overwhelm for enormous success.

Zero in on the ideal deal to enhance with The StrADegy System (when you’ve nailed your signature deal, you can circle back and use the system to your other deals).
Get crystal clear on your sales procedure so you can stop losing time on advertisement methods that do not line up with your service design.
Come in person with your ‘ADmotions’ and handle the cash frame of mind BS that turns up when you begin investing into advertisements like an employer.
Get your projects on the calendar so you can begin getting outcomes- and capitalizing that ROI, infant.
Find out why most services’ Facebook advertisements stop working (and how you can SMASH the obstructions that keep others from being successful)

Milestone One:

The Close Phase- increase your automatic sales systems and increase your income with Facebook sales conversion wizardry.

Maximize your income and discover covert conversion points with a couple of easy estimations (everything about that success, infant!).
Play magnificent and palm-reader your audience’s 3 most significant objections (then massage these objections into high-converting advertisement copy).
Find out the distinction in between high-converting Close projects that ARE the bomb and the projects that DIVE BOMB.
Waste no time establishing your Dynamic Advertisement Sequences- all the tech magic is set out in GIFs that make it insane easy to find out, carry out, and examine your work.
Take my go-to reporting system that spits out a real-time ROI Snapshot, so you can make certain you’re winning on the back end of your advertisements.
Find out which distinct advertisements will produce straight-up pandemonium for your deal and have individuals going all #BlackFriday to get their hands on your ish.
Utilize the distinct The StrADegy System structure to revamp your sales procedure, get lurkers off the fence (and into your programs), and explode your income

The outcome? You’ll be offering more and making more . without raising a finger when you’ve carried out Milestone One.

Milestone Two:

The Commit Phase- fill your customer pipeline with highly-engaged, ready-to-buy leads.

Swipe my signature procedure for conquering core objections with advertisements (and see the keeners in your audience leap into your sales funnel).
Get your list into explosion-mode with a few of my preferred modern, black-magic Facebook automations.
Play matchmaker with your Facebook advertisements, and make certain your list building deals are revealed to the ideal individuals, at the ideal time.
Develop out your series the simple method (with a set of handy-dandy GIFs that draw up every part of the procedure- no tech problems here!).
Find out which metrics matter throughout this stage (and which metrics you can 100% overlook)

The outcome? By the end of Milestone Two, your list will be growing (and your leads will be closing) on auto-pilot.

Milestone Three:

The Connect Phase- send your audience development into hyperdrive, develop authority-level brand name awareness, and scale the ish out of your funnel.

Scale your project like insane (while preserving a lean-and-mean spending plan).
Control the Facebook newsfeed and develop an audience that can’t wait to see more of you and your brand name.
Switch on The Decision Accelerator and master the sales psychology behind my signature vibrant advertisement series.
Master the art of Ads-Based Audience Indoctrination- and get clear on the aspects that set your brand name apart and generate your most popular leads.
Find out the secret key to producing a high-engagement trigger advertisement (helloooooo, audience surge).
Get the down-low on how to fill your audience pipeline on auto-pilot (and why it’s THE only method to produce a sustainable, successful service in the long-lasting).
Step your audience development and perhaps prepare a little dance celebration . due to the fact that this brand-new audience will explode your sales funnel, huge time

The outcome? By the end of Milestone Three, you’ll have an automatic sales funnel that fuels your service 24/ 7 (and turns attention into sales while you sleep).

Once you’ve introduced your very first StrADegy project, there’s no going back.

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