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Ben Settle – elBenbo Press

Ben Settle – elBenbo Press
Original Price: $1001
You Just Pay: $119.95(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Ben Settle
Sale Page:_https://www.emailplayers.com/press/
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“I won’t piss on you and tell you it’s raining by saying my complex publishing methodology is ‘simple & easy!’ Nor will I sugarcoat the ungodly amount of work & sacrifice it takes to learn & build. Frankly, I don’t even know if I would do it again knowing how much time, patience, and dedication it requires.

“So if at any time during this letter you have even a speck of doubt about buying this book… I suggest high-tailing it over to one of the cheaper & more conventional info-publishing courses. This book is only intended for the small number of insanely ambitious & productive ‘berserker’ marketers in my Horde. And it’s wholly inadequate for anyone else.”
Dear Friend,
If you want to immerse yourself in the exact ways I use to create, build, and run a high-end book & newsletter publishing business that grosses over 7-figures per year in sales… with low overhead and no employees, assistants, or VAs to speak of… then my new book can show you how.
The book is called:
“elBenbo Press”
Hates goo-roo fanboys,despises new product junkies,and has nothing but contempt for anyone wanting to buy his “magnum opus” book about his publishing model not willing to do what it takes to properly learn & use it.
1. This is a “Ben Settle 400-Level” book that is not-at-all newbie-friendly — you don’t need to have all my other books or be an Email Players subscriber to use it. But since it does not teach copywriting, email marketing, or the “how-tos” of anything except the book & newsletter publishing side of my business… then the more of “me” you already know & are familiar with, the more likely you’ll be successful with it.
2. It’s also my most expensive book yet — clocking in at over $1,000.00.
3. This book ain’t for marketing candy-asses playing to not lose instead of playing to win — not only because it takes at least 100+ solid hours of hard, grueling work to learn, build, and execute… but also because…
There Are No Refunds
Or Money-Back Guarantees.
If that turns your stomach then I just saved you a ton of time & money.
Otherwise, here’s a snapshot of what’s waiting for you inside:
A secret 2-step pricing strategy that can let you sometimes charge enormous sums of money even for small & “thin” books. (There is a reason why KISS singer Gene Simmons commanded over $200.00 (in today’s money) for a book about his band with zero “BENEFITS!”… a reason why the late Jim Straw nabbed $997.00 for a 160-page PDF eBook… and a reason why I routinely charge several hundred dollars for most of my books.
It’s the same reason I believe you can also charge a premium for high-quality information in a mere book format. And you can read all about it starting on page 183.)
The absolute best and worst times to start selling a paid newsletter to your list! (If you’ve ever wondered, “How big should my list be before selling a newsletter?” then pages 298-305 will give you the scoop.)
How to develop an uncanny “6th sense” for knowing exactly what offers your list wants to buy… before they even do! (I never run surveys, couldn’t care less about asking anyone’s opinion, and would rather be waterboarded than do a split-test to try to determine “demand” for an offer. For me, it goes like this: get idea, write book, and make sales that always — without exception — exceed my expectations. But it ain’t because of any inborn genius. It’s because of a special way I’ve used over the years for sharpening your “gut” intuition so you can sell offers to your list they didn’t even know existed 5 minutes before seeing it. I doubt 1 in 10,000 marketers will ever experience this. But I believe you can if you turn to pages 39-41, and the other parts it is talked about in the book, and do the hard work required.)
How to use the (admittedly creepy) secret of Omnipresence that can possibly get your list thinking about you, your business, and your offers during almost their every waking hour! (Omnipresence can mean your books dominating the book shelf, nightstand, backpack, and even the bathroom as reading material. It can mean your newsletters laying around the office — as certain copywriters at Agora Financial have told me mine are. And it can mean wherever your list goes… there you are, in their face, not allowing them to forget about you, ignore you, or avoid thinking about you. If you want to possess the ever-elusive secret of having hyper–engagement for your business, I daresay this is it.) Page 81
Disney’s sneaky “smart indoctrination” method for psychologically & emotionally tethering customers to your business — constantly wanting to strive for, work for, and pay for almost everything you sell. (There is a reason why multiple generations of customers in the same families buy from Disney at any given time — and it ain’t just because Walt drew a mouse. And if you do what you’ll learn on page 119 correctly, it can potentially help keep people spreading the “gospel” about your business… spending money with you for the rest of their lives… and possibly even passing this dedication to your business down to their children and their children’s children — not unlike what happened with Walt Disney’s brand.)
A secret plot formula used by the world’s longest-running TV soap operas that makes it tough for customers to resist buying from your business week after week, month after month, and year after year. (Listen, the mere structure of how you place your offers each month taught on page 310 can potentially get your business ridiculous levels of engaged customers all year long, who almost can’t help but want to buy everything you offer. I’ve been using this plot formula in my promotional schedule for 2 years straight. And even I still can’t believe how well it works!)
Bizarre (yet ingenious) book design insights inspired by Hanna-Barbara (creator of the Flintstones, Jetsons, Scooby-Doo, Smurfs, and other multi-million dollar brands) that can potentially amplify the power of your brand & influence up to 1000 fold. (This goes way beyond the obvious tips like covers, fonts, colors, pricing, etc that are clearly distinct from your competition’s books. Those are all important, but there is something else the top creatives at the most successful publishing companies do to make their offers rise high above all others. And when you turn to page 100, you’ll see exactly what it is, as well as a real-life case study on what it can look like.)
A cunning twist you can put on your books & offers to make them stand out in markets overheated with competition selling similar offers. (The late Stan Lee used this method way back in the early 1960s when building Marvel Comics to dynamically stick out from a sea of other comicbook companies selling the exact same kinds of stories — i.e., superheroes — to the exact same “gene pool” of customers.) Page 105
The revolutionary “anti-psychology” business-building method that can potentially take 4-figure businesses to 5-figures… 5-figure businesses to 6-figures… and 6-figure businesses to 7-figures & beyond.
Let’s take a quick breather and talk more about this:
This admittedly counterintuitive business-building method is one of the “lynchpins” that makes the elBenbo Press publishing model work. And I doubt you’ve heard a single direct response marketing teacher, coach, author, or “guru” mention it. In fact, I had to invent the name I give it inside. And the reason why I had to invent a name for it is because I couldn’t find anyone else teaching it, even though it can…
Blow The Typical “Psychological”
Business-Building Model
Direct Response Marketers
Love To Use & Teach All To Hell!
To prove it, consider this:
Without running a bunch of split tests, fancy tracking gimmicks, or customer analysis schemes, Steve Jobs used this method to completely dominate the personal computer industry. Walt Disney also used it to become the single biggest animation & theme park brand on the planet. And Stan Lee (when running Marvel Comics, and behind his boss’s back) used it to create the highest-selling comicbook company in the world… as well as build the foundation for what is now currently the #1 dominant movie studio in Hollywood.
Even more intriguing:
The concept behind this way of building businesses also explains certain historical “freak” anomalies in publishing & politics.
Like, for example…
Why the once insanely popular Game of Thrones show died on the vine, and is now completely unwatchable to even its most hardcore fans. Why squeaky-voiced newspaper mogul & Congressman William Randolph Hearst was able to strike fear into the hearts of Joseph Pulitzer, Theodore Roosevelt, FDR & other more seasoned newspaper publishers & politicians. And why Donald Trump won an election with literally the entire mass media, worldwide political establishment, and even his own party…
Dead Set
Against Him!
But to bring this down to earth for your business:
This secret method is also what can help even a complete “nobody” with no social circle or network to speak of (how I started my business) go from being a broke & unknown business to running a 7-figure book & newsletter publishing company with several thousands of fans, customers, and subscribers around the world.
I ain’t saying the typical psychologically-driven business-building model you see in all the direct response marketing books & courses doesn’t work.
It absolutely does work, and is probably a much safer & smarter way to go.
But in my experience, that way of doing business is…
Nowhere Near As Fun,
Satisfying, & Potentially Profitable
As Using This Secret Business-Building Method
Found Inside elBenbo Press.
But, I also must warn you:
This way of business-building is quite demanding & requires a lot of patience. And it is not at-all suited for someone who stubbornly only clings to metrics, swipe files, checklists, coaching/hand-holding, the opinions of their Facebook or Twitter friends… or who requires a wink & a nod of validation from their favorite guru in order to make a business decision.
I can tell you with zero exaggeration, using this will probably even…

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