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Danilo Lee – Prosperity Lead Gen [ 3-Day Live Training]

Danilo Lee – Prosperity Lead Gen [ 3-Day Live Training]
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Contractors use blueprints so the roof doesnt cave in.
Shouldnt you follow the same process for your source of income?

You know how to make money, but sustainability is your issue. The big players in lead generation have made it by researching the marketplace, building an infrastructure, finding the right people to execute the vision, and using expertise to strengthen market position within an industry.
Most importantly, they learn how to step away from daily business operations to focus on cash flow and positioning for a future acquisition.

How do I follow the path to sustainability in leadgen?
Just like a contractor, you need a plan to follow; your blueprint. There are many moving parts when building a successful leadgen company and its likely youre not an expert at all of them.
You know what you need to do, but you dont know how to do it.
Given that many leadgen companies are born from solo marketers, experience in managing people, cash flow with growing expenses, and sales/business development is often limited.

The Blueprint to Building, Maintaining, and Selling a LeadGen Company
Combining decades of experience in all facets of a true lead generation company, Prosperity brings together experts from across the country to share invaluable, real-world advice.
Whether it be managing people, copywriting, cash flow issues, or CRO/LP optimization, youll be brainstorming with the best of the best. The networking opportunities are unmatched in a small group setting like this.

Prosperitys host, Danilo Lee, has been in the lead generation business for over a decade. Working as Head of Customer Acquisition for PromoJam (acquired by Deluxe Corporation NYSE: DLX), AgentAce (acquired by Quicken Loans), ChowNow and others, Danilo has played a vital role in optimizing campaigns and ultimately reducing customer acquisition costs for successfully acquired companies.
Youll also hear presentations by actual employees from Google and SnapChat, an attorney (specializing in web-based businesses), and a highly-respected copywriter. Youll be sitting amongst other highly-successful marketers and industry representatives with the opportunity to form real relationships, first hand.

We wont make you sit and listen all day.
Strap your boots on because this is going to be a 3-day endurance test where youll get as much out of the mastermind as you put in. Expect to learn:
Fundamentals of leading a leadgen company
How to run a team
Explore the art of pitching your companys service/product
Step up your copywriting skills
Finding and negotiating new offers
Loosely wireframe/design a landing page
Using conversion rate optimization tools
Google, Snapchat, Facebook, etc insights
Staying up to date with legal changes
Finding financing for campaigns
Valuating and selling your business
If youre struggling to learn how to take your business to the next level, join us at Prosperity where youll have the opportunity to learn the skillsets you just cant find in a book or online.

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