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Eric Edmeades – The WildFit Program

Eric Edmeades – The WildFit Program
Author:Eric Edmeades
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Enjoy a Guaranteed Breakthrough In Your Health and Fitness Levels Within 90 Days Without Fad Dieting, Exercise or Massive Change in Lifestyle Simply By Changing Your Relationship With Food
WildFit is a 90-day real-time coaching program that guides you towards your best weight and health.

This program is not about saying, Hey, you should eat more of this and less of that.
There are no particular diets to follow; rather youll receive eye-opening nutritional information and powerful psychological tools to follow through on taking the right action.
The focus is on creating change from within you.
Because when you do something not because you ought to do it but because you want to do it, the results will feel completely natural and effortless to achieve.
At the end of the 90 days, you wont even relate to some of the foods youve been eating all these years.
Each week youll receive new videos with instructions from Erics team on exactly what you should be paying attention to. In addition to the videos, you also receive information to support you in the journey including guides, recipes and other resources.

9 Ways Erics WildFit Transforms You
While weight loss is an obvious side effect of a healthy balanced life, WildFit is not just another weight loss program: its a total health transformation. Its a total health program. In just 90 days, WildFit students experience radical shifts in their energy, weight, self-confidence, and happiness.

The goal of Wildfit is to exceed all your health goals and return you to the natural you.
Thats why were so confident that in the next 90 days, you will
1. Wake Up Rejuvenated
When your energy is balanced, you calm your nervous and hormonal systems for better sleep cycles.
2. Stop Cravings, Enjoy Food
Your body wont go into panic mode for more energy, so you can finally balance calories and kick cravings.
3. Energy For What Matters
Give your body more nutrients and get more energy to achieve the things you want in life.
4. Achieve Your TRUE Weight
With Wildfit, healthy weight change is inevitable. Allow your body to go back to its natural, most optimized state.
5. Boost Your Intimacy
Two things affect our passion – hormonal imbalance and body temperature. The WildFit Program restores your most natural levels for a better libido.
6. Boost Your Metabolism
Youll train your body to switch into the high fat-burning mode so you become lighter, have more energy, and actually want to exercise.
7. Enhance Your Mental Performance
Help your brain perform at its peak all the time. Many students realize theyre able to think faster, be more productive, and have a better memory.
8. Connect With Your Body
Gain an intuitive instinct for knowing what your body wants and needs at any given time, so you can feel and look amazing all the time.
9. Boost Your Confidence
WildFit will not only return you to your optimal shape, but also help you realize just how much control you have over your body and your life. Youll never avoid mirrors again.

WildFit Program Overview
Part I Discovering What Your Body Truly Needs
Weeks 1 And 2: Coaching
The first two weeks are the foundation of your future healthy self. At this stage, you wont be making any changes or cutting anything out but rather learning about food and your relationship with it.
You will also learn about the six human hungers and simple ways to neutralize them. The result is that your cravings start subsiding like an evening sunset. Before long, you realize the usual foods that used to pull u in no longer do.

Part II Allowing Your Natural Human Diet To Take Over
Weeks 3 To 10: Twice-Weekly Coaching
Here youll start making gentle, natural changes to your diet. Through weekly videos and group coaching sessions, youll learn how to make these positive changes in tiny, effortless increments.
By letting the body decide what it needs and making changes to accommodate it, youre actually allowing the natural human diet to gently take over your lifestyle. Suddenly, youll realize theres a day and night difference between what you used to eat and what you are eating now. And theres absolutely no struggle involved.
– During this phase, youll also see major results like better sleep, increased energy and vitality, improved focus, fewer mood swings, weight correction and an overall increase in happiness levels.

Part III Releasing Weight Rapidly And Keeping It Off
Weeks 11 And 12: Twice-Weekly Coaching
Week 13: Daily Videos On Living WildFit
This phase of the program is all about making sure the changes you have just made stays with you for life. Its about making WildFit your most desired lifestyle for the rest of your life.
– You will learn how to work with seasonal changes in your life and how to use seasonality to deeply integrate the principles of WildFit into your life.
– And there will be a tribe where you can raise all your concerns and special situations. The idea is to equip you with all the tools you need to handle the unique problems that life may throw you at some point in future.
– You will continue getting better and better results during this phase and your health has only one way to go: UP.

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