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How To Nail Your Niche With James Wedmore

How To Nail Your Niche With James Wedmore
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Author: James Wedmore
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If You Don’t Know Exactly What You’re Known For, How Will Anyone Ever Know YOU?
Walk Away Knowing EXACTLY Who You’ll Help, How You’ll Help Them, & What Your First Course Will Be!

The cold hard truth is:
if you don’t nail your niche and own your specialization, you will remain unknown.
And unknown keeps you broke.

Show me JUST ONE successful course creator you look up to that isn’t known for something SPECIFIC – that doesn’t target a very specific group.
You can’t!
That’s because they know what you may not have realized until right now:
When people (including your prospects) have a problem, they seek out the SPECIALIST, not the generalist. And that’s because the brain, in an effort to conserve energy, makes decisions to trust those who are perceived as THE authority. The Expert. The BEST.
And NO ONE can be the BEST at everything (not me, and not you!). But anyone CAN be GREAT at one thing. yes, you too!
If you’ve already felt the nudge towards being a coach, teacher, or course creator, then that means you already have what it takes within you to step into that role.
In this Masterclass, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do that – and it starts with identifying who you help and how you help them.

How To Nail Your Niche With James Wedmore Contains: Video, PDF´s
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