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Jay Cataldo – Limitless Home Study Course

Jay Cataldo – Limitless Home Study Course
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Author: Jay Cataldo
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Discover The Six Key Success Skills That Will Transform Your Entire Life Guaranteed!
What is it?
Limitless is the ultimate life coaching course which is designed to remove your limits and help you create the lifestyle youve always wanted. Ive compiled the most powerful success secrets Ive learned over the last 15 years and condensed them into 12 weekly coaching sessions. These step-by-step lessons will have you TAKING ACTION and accomplishing your life goals week after week. Ive spent an entire year putting this together and I truly believe that Limitless is the BEST coaching product on the market today.
What Makes This Course Different?
One of the things Im best known for is getting RESULTS for my clients. Over the last six years, I have been coaching people all over the world, of all ages and backgrounds. One of the most important things Ive learned from being in the trenches and helping clients overcome their most difficult challenges is this
There are 6 KEY SKILLS that youll need to develop if you want to have a successful and fulfilling life. If youre missing any one of these skills, life can seem brutally difficult and leave you wondering how everyone else is getting ahead while youre still stuck in the same old rut.
When you have all 6 of these skills under your belt, your obstacles and challenges start to melt away and you begin experiencing more excitement and joy than you have ever imagined. Ill tell you more about these skills in a moment, but first
Why Listen to Me?
Let me introduce myself. My name is Jay Cataldo and Im a seasoned Peak Performance Coach and an expert on personal change. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the field of self-help and Ive been working professionally as a life coach and dating coach for the last 6.
Ive helped clients all over the world overcome their biggest challenges — from losing over 200lbs, finding the partners of their dreams, ending addictions to drugs and alcohol, and transitioning from being broke and near-suicidal to making over $150,000 a year and loving every bit of life. In short, Im best known for helping clients make changes that are typically considered to be impossible. But the two most important reasons clients choose me as their coach are:
1. I have been there. The #1 reason why my clients choose to work with me is this: because Im just like them! I dont claim to be some mystical guru who walks on water. Im a regular human being who has struggled immensely in life. Ive battled unemployment, heartache, cancer and many other mighty blows to my confidence and self-esteem. But its BECAUSE I have been through so much and have gotten past it all, that I know exactly how to help my clients overcome their own hardships. Since I understand their challenges better than most, Im the perfect person to take them by the hand and guide them to the next level.
2. I move FAST. I pride myself on helping clients make fast, permanent life changes – sometimes in a matter of a few short months. In fact, one of my clients said, Ive made more progress with Jay in three months than I have in 24 years of therapy! I realize that life is short and time is of the essence. Why spend years working on a problem that can be solved in a matter of months?
Why Is This Product The Best of Its Kind?
Im committed to making sure my clients change their lives for the better and I do my best to help everyone I can. Unfortunately, its downright impossible to work with everyone who approaches me. I hate having to turn clients away, but my schedule doesnt always allow me to take on new clients and many people simply cant afford my hefty fees.
To solve this problem, I spent a full year creating Limitless”. This home study course contains nearly 16 hours of audio that will help you develop the 6 KEY SKILLS that must be mastered on the road to success. These skills are:
Stress Management
Time Management
Mind Programming
Happiness (yes, happiness is a skill you can learn!)
Limitless will teach you everything youll need to fully understand and install these skills so theyll become a natural part of who you are. Even if youve read every self-help book on the planet and are already doing well in these areas, this course will take your skills to an entirely new level in just a few short weeks, guaranteed!
What Changes Will I Notice?
Youll find yourself becoming happier and more enthusiastic about life
Youll have the tools youll need to tackle ANY challenge life throws at you
Youll be 10X more productive than the average person
Youll have more energy and feel healthier than ever before
Youll have the confidence to pursue that special someone or end a bad relationship
Youll be able to get yourself to do what needs to be done, whether you feel like it or not
Youll be sleeping much better at night
Youll wake up in the morning excited and full of energy
Relationships with friends, family and co-workers will improve
Youll free yourself of pent up anger and resentment
Youll surprise yourself by staying calm and relaxed in stressful situations
You’ll have the courage to stand up for yourself when its required
People will gravitate towards your positive energy and attitude
Youll have the skills to mend past relationships
Your fears and anxieties will lessen
Your mind will be clearer and sharper
Your spiritual connection will deepen
Youll no longer give your power away to others
Youll be able to relax your body and mind at
Youll feel a sense of security that everything is going to work out well
Many health conditions immediately begin to improve
Your friends and family will be pestering you to learn your secrets
Frankly, youll get a bit MAD that you werent taught these skills back in high school
And much, much more
How Does It Work?
On Day 1 youll download your first coaching session in mp3 format. Listen to this lesson at least once and then complete the homework assignments over the next 7 days. Each week for 12 weeks you will receive another lesson until you have completed the course. Each lesson contains homework assignments that will help you fully integrate the skills youll be learning. And you will have access to these life lessons FOREVER!
Here is the full breakdown of the course
Limitless Contains 6 Exclusive Modules (Split Into 12 Powerful Weekly Coaching Sessions)
Module I (weeks 1 and 2): Beyond Mirth
In this module youll learn the secrets of TRUE happiness as well as
Beyond Mirth
The 12 major roadblocks to happiness and how to overcome them
Why drugs like anti-depressants often make you MORE depressed
The fallacy of future happiness
How to accurately predict how happy youll be 5 years from now
A simple secret to increasing happiness while slowing the aging process
Why achieving a major goal can leave a person feeling WORSE than before
A simple trick to make yourself feel instantaneous bliss
Why lottery winners typically report feeling LESS happy after winning
How The Twilight Zone will instantly change how you feel about your current job
How to use the way we breathe to ward off sadness and depression
How our parents may be responsible for our lack of happiness and how to turn this all around
Why your level of happiness has NOTHING to do with your life circumstances (a huge revelation!)
The link between happiness and health and how to improve both
The 2 most important vitamins for increasing happiness
How a set of little colored stickers can turn you into the happiest person around
And much, much more
Module II (weeks 3 and 4): Colossal Confidence
In this module youll learn how to develop MASSIVE levels of self-confidence as well as
Colossal Confidence
15 ways to build your confidence in all areas
Why fear is just an illusion
The proof that you already have all the confidence you will ever need
How to turn off that annoying voice in your head
The truth about excessive confidence and arrogance
The 2 biggest fears that drain your confidence in an instant
How to instantly calm yourself in a stressful situation
The difference between confidence and competence
Why taking action BEFORE youre ready is a recipe for success
Does fake it til you make it really work?
The fastest way to change your brain chemistry for the better WITHOUT harmful drugs
A simple mental trick that can heal a dying relationship
The reason why our brain LOVES to focus on our failures
How making peace with death will skyrocket your confidence
10 ways to massively increase your optimism
A simple exercise to eliminate all negative feelings from the past (guilt, shame, anger, etc)
The Navy Seal trick for creating confidence out of thin air
And much, much more
Module III (weeks 5 and 6): Clock Control
In this module youll learn the time management secrets of the most successful CEOs as well as
Clock Control
The simple secret to getting more accomplished in less time
A proven productivity system that will transform you into an accomplished executive
How to change your perception of time to make it speed up and slow down when needed
How to design your day so that satisfying results are inevitable
How productivity drugs like Adderall can destroy your ability to manage time effectively
How to eliminate overwhelm
How to properly prioritize your daily tasks and plan out your schedule
How to install excellent habits and rituals
The simple trick used by high-level CEOs to accomplish 5 times as much as the average person
A list of the most common time wasters and how to avoid these deadly distractions
A deceptively simple technique for eliminating writers block in a matter of minutes
How to properly handle the random chaos that arises throughout your day
The worst time of the day to answer your emails
The 10X rule for achieving MASSIVE levels of success
And much, much more
Module IV: (weeks 7 and 8): Monk-like Discipline
In this module youll learn how to develop incredible levels of self-discipline as well as
Monk-like Discipline
Why self-discipline is considered the most important success skill of all
The best time of the day to wake up if you want to make it to the winners circle
The motivation switch technique that you can flip on at will
A step-by-step plan for creating enormous levels of self-discipline
How to conserve and increase your levels of willpower
The technique Stephen King used to become one of the most prolific authors of all time.
The #1 skill that sets the successful person apart from all the rest
A simple way to eliminate food cravings in 30 seconds or less
How must-erbation is destroying your productivity and what to do about it
The five major fears which weaken self-discipline and how to overcome them
The four mental poisons that create endless procrastination
The James Bond technique to instantly shift your brain into action mode
How to eat properly to increase your self-discipline
The step-by-step self-discipline action plan
How a stack of ripped up dollar bills can help you eliminate procrastination for good
The future film technique to get you up off your butt and taking action NOW
How to procrastinate at the RIGHT times to increase your productivity (yes, this works)
And much, much more
Module V (weeks 9 and 10): Serenity Shield
In this module youll learn the most powerful stress management techniques ever discovered as well as
Serenity Shield
How to use The wolf technique to snap out of a negative state of mind
How a simple pair of tennis balls can make you feel like a million bucks
The absolute best thing to do when stressed or anxious
What to do if you are a chronic worrier
A weird technique for reducing stress by doing the OPPOSITE of what youve always done
The #1 supplement to take for chronic stress
The 8 major causes of stress and how to manage each one
The only relaxation technique youll ever need
The stress-stopping power of emotion jumping
One quick trick involving your couch that gets rid of pent up anger in moments
How a rubber band can give you exquisite control over your negative thoughts
How the morbid-sounding death-bed strategy can bring you peace of mind
The hidden links between diet and stress
How the angle of your gaze can actually bring on MORE stress and how to correct this
How the Buddhas hot coal wisdom can help you prevent anger and resentment from destroying your health
The secrets of forgiving anyone for anything (this one little step alone will add YEARS to your life)
The most important person in the world to forgive and how forgiving this person will eliminate 50% of your problems in an instant
And much, much more
Module VI (weeks 11 and 12): Mind Makeover
In this module youll learn how to reprogram your mind in any way you see fit as well as
Mind Makeover
The #1 issue that holds people back from achieving their goals and dreams
The simplest and most effective way to stop a negative inner voice
How your pride is preventing you from learning at a rate ten times faster than normal
The easiest way to uncover thought viruses placed in your mind against your will
How to change old beliefs and install new, more empowering ones
The steps for overcoming your brains resistance to new ideas and habits
A simple exercise that will change your perception of reality for the better
How to stop your past from affecting your future
Why your attitude is the greatest barometer for future success or failure
The most important sentence for giving your mind a makeover
The five methods of subconscious programming
The complete 13 steps for making the law of attraction work for you (what The Secret never told you)
The 11 mistakes people make when visualizing their goals.
The Benz exercise to attract wealth and prosperity
How to become the kind of laid-back, positive person who magnetically attracts others
How to prevent unscrupulous people from manipulating you against your will
A powerful exercise to enhance your creativity (excellent for writers, artists and just about anyone)
The best times of the day for visualizing goals and how to do this most effectively
The only affirmation youll ever need to use
The proper way to pray (you werent taught this in Sunday school classes)
The movie screen technique to neutralize fears and phobias in 5 minutes or less
And much, much more

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