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Jeff Keller – Attitude Is Everything

Jeff Keller – Attitude Is Everything
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Author: Jeff Keller
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You have the ability to transform your life and soar to new heights of success and fulfillment. Whether your attitude is negative… positive… or somewhere in between, this “success manual” will show you how to take control of your life and unleash your incredible potential.

This book is filled with inspiring stories and easy-to-understand success principles. Jeff Keller presents the material with sincerity, clarity and impact in a way that will inspire you to develop the greatness within you!

By learning and applying the 12 Lessons in this exciting book, you’ll be energized. You’ll begin to see new possibilities. You’ll take action to develop your unique talents. And you’ll achieve extraordinary results!

Part 1: Success Begins in the Mind
Lesson 1 Your Attitude is Your Window to the World
Lesson 2 You’re A Human Magnet
Lesson 3 Picture Your Way To Success!
Lesson 4 Make A Commitment… and You’ll Move Mountains
Lesson 5 Turn Your Problems Into Opportunities
Part 2: Watch Your Words
Lesson 6 Your Words Blaze A Trail
Lesson 7 How Are You?
Lesson 8 Stop Complaining!
Part 3: Heaven Helps Those Who Act
Lesson 9 Associate With Positive People
Lesson 10 Confront Your Fears and Grow
Lesson 11 Get Out There and Fail
Lesson 12 Networking That Gets Results
Conclusion: Change Your Attitude and You Change Your Life

About Jeff Keller
Jeff Keller, President of Attitude is Everything, Inc., works with organizations that want to develop achievers and with people who want to reach their full potential.

Jeff is a speaker, seminar leader and writer in the area of motivation and human potential. For more than 14 years, he has delivered his uplifting presentations to businesses, organizations, groups and educational institutions.

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