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Power Positioning System With Jason Capital

Power Positioning System With Jason Capital
Author: Jason Capital
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What are Power Positions? Power Position are specific body positions that have been scientifically proven by Harvard researchers to instantly increase your Testosterone levels, while simultaneously lowering your cortisol levels. Theyve long been used by the most powerful, attractive High-Status Males of all time, like Brad Pitt, Steve McQueen Dean Martin, even political juggernauts like Silvio Berlusconi and Vladmir Putin, to attract women from afar, close deals and persuade at will, while barely even trying.

This system will teach you how to:
1. Increase our testosterone levels by up to 40,
without any pills, potions, needles, or supplements..
2. Uncontrollably attract hot girls from a distance..
3. Command Unconscious Respect from men and women

This is BY FAR the best thing on mastering the secret influence
of your body that youve ever seen, because it combines the science
and proven research from Harvard with the attraction and influence mastery of Jason Capital.


Power Positioning System With Jason Capital: Video, PDF´s
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